Soundtrack Pros  creates music for  Film,T.V, Commercials, Video Games etc… ,we are also the publishing company ( Digipro Multimedia)   The music is created by just a few artists. We have added just a few samples to our catalog online. If you would like to hear our entire collection you can contact us.

Custom Tracks:  world class lead guitar, real drums,  piano pieces.  We also offer vocals.

Custom Composition: If you are a company that needs a piece written specifically for your Film,Video,Video Game, or Commercial we as composers will create it to suit your needs. Please see our Film, T.V, Commercial and Video Games samples.

Mixing and Mastering: Our top quality mixing and mastering suite will provide you with audio excellence.

Our skills as engineers are matched with our artistic and technical ability to provide top quality music production.
Our state of the art facility, is able to fulfill any of your artistic needs.

Who we are
Our team of artists have worked with of bands around the world writing, recording, and producing hundreds of songs.

We’re professional musicians and engineers:

Featured Artists: World class guitarist James Grant, is our featured guitar player. Grant is a perfectionist and has created music for hundreds of projects worldwide including writing for TV, commercials and video games.

We have established composers, that have the  ability to write for all instrumentation.